Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are.
— Erich Schiffmann

Yoga Foundations

This class is for the beginner or the experienced yogi who is looking to fine tune aspects of their practice. Basic postures, flow techniques and breath work will be explored in depth.

Karma Vinyasa

Meet your body where it is in this vinyasa practice. This flow class will use the breath & sequenced flowing postures that will build heat and vitality while also offering peaceful methods to open the body. Inviting  beginners through experienced yogi's to cultivate a mindful practice that helps to build endurance, grow stronger, increase flexibility and balance.


 Karma energy Flow

This fast-paced vinyasa flow will challenge your body and mind.  Learn how to find new boundaries and move energy through your being.  Explore challenging poses, sequences and techniques to advance your practice.

yogic Assisted Stretch

Open up in yogic postures that will stretch the complete body. Enjoy the release from supportive (optional) hands on assists throughout the experience to open and release tightness. Elongate major muscle groups and myofascial lines through postures, breath and assisted stretch. Postures are mostly lying down or seated with subtle movement to yield greater benefit. A nice complement for runners, athletes and helpful for anyone experiencing tightness. Appropriate for all ages & fitness levels.
Class card or single class pricing applies.
Pre-registration recommended due to small class size.

Gentle Yogi Bliss

Open your body with gentle movement and a slow flow that brings benefits to all levels.  Invite this calming practice to come back to center and bring on the bliss!

Yogi’s Happy Hour

Move, sweat and celebrate the arrival of the weekend in this
fast paced vinyasa class to raise your energy. An hour in which
the breath & movement work out the stress and lead you into
the weekend on a high note.


Align & Flow

An alignment flow class that will deepen your knowledge of poses and allow your body to benefit from proper and careful alignment. This class will also be a heat building practice that layers on from the alignment movement and moves into a flow state. Enjoy a an alignment based flow that will build heat, strength and increase flexibility.

Karma Power

Invigorate your being by exploring complex movements and sequences including arm balances and inversions, layered over solid foundations. This fast-paced class is designed to build heat and strength, while improving flexibility. We recommend students that have a solid base knowledge of fundamental poses and are ready to feel empowered to take their practice to the next level.


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is total mind, body and spirit fitness. Using a combination of breath, body locks (Bhandas), Mudra, Mantra and Meditation Kundalini Yoga systematically raises and strengthens inner vital energy. Kundalini Yoga is effective in balancing and repairing the Glandular, Central Nervous and Immune Systems.
Pritam Bani will lead you through a Kriya designed to work on the movement of internal energy, removing emotional barriers, focusing on a specific area of the body and elevating your spirit. During Savasana, gongs and assorted other instruments are used during this time to promote vibrational healing and instill complete relaxation.

Class card or single class pricing applies

Morning Vinyasa Express

Energize your morning with an hour of vinyasa. An active and energetic class that builds heat, increases strength and lengthens muscle groups. Some yoga experience is helpful but not required.


Private Yoga Practice

A yoga practice tailored for your specific needs.
To book email karmaroadyoga@gmail.corm or call 914/382-6733